Kaya Cereal Cake recipe image by Frezfruta

Kaya Cereal Cake

By Chef Isa Leong

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Ingredients (A)

Ingredients (B)

Mix both (A) ++ (B) thoroughly

Ingredients (C)

Ingredients (D)

Whip all (C) ingredients and eggwhites into semi stiff peak

Method of preparations and bake

  1. Hand mix (A) ++ (B) ingredients into smooth batter.

  2. Fold bind in whipped eggwhites by 3 times into AB batter, mix bind thoroughly. Finally fold in the Oat Cereal into batter lightly.

  3. Transfer Kaya chiffon batter into 10 inches tube chiffon cake tin. Bake at 200 C Cornell Electric Oven for 1st 10 minutes then lower oven heat to 170 C for another 35 to 40 minutes until cake is done. Invert cake tin allow kaya chiffon cake to cool slightly before removing out from mould.



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