Frezfruta’s Story

Established in 1968, Frezfruta Jam Manufacturing Pte Ltd (formally known as Sinsin Jam Manufacturing Pte Ltd) was Singapore’s only local jam brand and only local jam maker then. Initially occupying a small rented shop house, Frezfruta (Sinsin) has since upgraded and moved to its current premises in 2001 to a bigger and improved manufacturing facility in Johor of Malaysia where fresh fruit jams are made daily.

As an integral part of Singapore’s history and culture, many Singaporeans grew up with fond memories of Sinsin Jam. In addition to its strong presence in Singapore, Frezfruta (Sinsin) Jam has also established a foothold in Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Hong Kong and various parts of the Middle East as well as Africa.

Re-branding to FrezfrutaTM

To keep up with the changing times, Frezfruta (Sinsin) Jam had embarked on a re-branding campaign to raise the image of the company to appeal to a wider audience and the younger generation. This re-branding also include a change of name to FrezfrutaTM (Means Fresh Fruits) to keep in line with its new image.

Only fresh IQF fruits are used in the making of our Fruit Jams.

Our Natural Goodness Label

Not only the quality of the fruit jams been improved, each jar of jam has been given a new image with enhanced labels to educate consumers. These include attractive images of fruits, clear and visible information on ingredients, nutritional information, bottle grammage and expiration dates in strict adherence to the various Government Authorities. Frezfruta (Sinsin) also highlights ‘Natural Goodness’ on its label, as it is proud to share the natural and wholesome nature of their jams.

“The taste and quality of our fruit jams are the same as before, but now our products adorn a fresh new look, a sign of the changing times.
Hopefully, we can attract a new consumer segment which was previously not inclined to try Sinsin Jam.”

Our Presence

Frezfruta Jam products are available throughout major supermarkets in Singapore including Fairprice, Sheng Shiong Supermarkets, Prime Marts, Mini Marts and cover more than 90% grocery stores as well as bakery shops, restaurants island wide. Frezfruta Jam also actively developing and contract manufacturing private labels for various customers from local as well as overseas.