The Difference Between Jams, Spreads, and Preserves

When enjoying a piece of freshly toasted bread or a warm pastry, a delicious fruit topping enhances the experience with a symphony of flavours and textures in your mouth. But before you dip your spoon into that jar, let’s chat about the differences between fruit jams, spreads, and preserves. Join us as we break down the distinctions between these three types of spreads, and how you can make your topping game even sweeter.


Strawberry Jam

Jams are characterised by small fruit pieces or chunks suspended in a gel-like mixture, crafted by cooking mashed or crushed ripe fruits with sugar and pectin until achieving a thick, spreadable consistency. After cooling and storing, this process retains the natural flavours of the fruit, making it the perfect accompaniment to any baked goods. Whether generously spread on warm, buttered toast or nestled between layers of fluffy pancakes, these chunky fruit jams lend a burst of juicy goodness to every bite, making it a beloved breakfast and dessert essential. 


Jar of Sweet Strawberry Jam On Table

Spreads are created by cooking down pureed fruit with sugar until it reaches a thick and spreadable consistency. Unlike jams, however, spreads lack visible fruit chunks and instead offer a smooth and even texture.

Marrying the vibrancy of fruit with velvety, refined textures, spreads are ideal for those who prefer a more uniform application on their bread or pastry. Enhance a freshly baked croissant with a sunny apricot spread, or balance out the buttery goodness of a scone with a classic strawberry spread. Boasting a diverse range of flavours, from classics to more innovative iterations, smooth fruit spreads are the perfect breakfast and teatime indulgence.


Jars With Pickled Vegetables, Fruity Compotes and Jams

Preserves stand apart from jams and spreads by preserving the whole fruit — typically berries or stone fruits — in sugar and sometimes pectin, retaining its shape, colour, and texture. From classic strawberry preserves to a spoonful of tangy preserved raspberries, the beauty of preserves lies in their ability to capture the seasonal flavours at their peak, bringing you the taste of ripe fruits all year round. Their chunky texture and vibrant fruit flavours add a punch to everything from muffins to cheese platters, making them a classic dessert staple.

Choosing your perfect pick

No matter your preference – whether you’re all about the chunky fruits in jams, love the smoothness of fruit spreads, or the rustic charm of preserves, there’s a perfect match waiting to accompany your favourite bread or pastry. So, the next time you reach for that jar of fruity goodness, take a moment to savour the flavours and textures that make each bite a true delight.

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